Calculation Transfer of the Fifth: How to Calculate 1/5 Now!



Calculation Cession of the Fifth . A valid tool to compare and choose between different loan solutions the most suitable. An independent guide to help you find the best simulation. Wherever you decide to request it, simulation is always free. It will allow you to compare monthly payment, net amount that you can get.

Calculation Cession of the Fifth in what does it consist?

Using the online calculator you will make a request for the calculation of the assignment of the fifth. Just fill in the few required fields to simulate the loan with a fifth of salary or pension. Proceeding is simple, just select the desired amount, the required duration and the remaining data needed to provide you with a result. You will soon receive your 5- minute sales simulation via e-mail and if you want you can contact a dedicated consultant to help you clarify any doubts.

Calculation Cession of the Fifth who can request it?

All public employees, state employees, private employees and all INPS pensioners or an ex-inpdap pensioner can apply for Calculation Transfer of the Fifth. With the request of simulation transfer of the fifth you will have all the data necessary to evaluate whether or not to apply for the loan.

Calculation Transfer of the Fifth Calculation Software

Use the software   will allow you to have data to analyze before requesting the loan, then you can at your discretion, make endless simulations and understand what is the monthly payment most suited to your needs.

In order to obtain the calculation, as for any type of financing, it is necessary to have some data available, let’s see what they are and how to use them.

  • Loan amount
  • Duration of repayment
  • Interest rate: it is good to know that there are at least two types of interest rate to take into account, namely the TAN (nominal annual rate) and the APR (Annual Actual Global Rate), depending on which data you want to obtain calculation, enter one or the other in the simulator. To calculate the data referring only to interest on the agos loan, enter the TAN. If you want to get the total cost of financing instead, enter the APR.

Calculate Cession of the Fifth

Calculation Cession of the Fifth, why perform the calculation first? Depending on the purpose of the loan, whether for example, buy a new car, a cash loan or any other requirement, with the installment simulator you can simulate endless loans and loans allowing you to know all the data and costs in advance.

How to correctly calculate the assignment calculation of the fifth?

To calculate the monthly payment you start from your net salary and divide it by 5, this will be the maximum installment applicable to the loan, immediately after we will multiply the installment obtained for the repayment duration, expressed in months (2 years 24 months, 3 years 36 months, 4 years 48 months, etc …), the result of this multiplication will give the “upright” that is the total amount that will have to return (capital + interest), and will be the basis on which to continue the calculation of the assignment of the fifth.

Once the upright has been obtained, all expenses that form part of the loan must be subtracted, such as insurance, costs of practical investigation, brokerage commissions, etc. to obtain the net amount paid out.