Borrowing Money from Private 2019 »Personal Loans & Loans Under Test!

Borrowing money from home is nothing new.

Borrowing money from home is nothing new.

Who has not even borrowed a few cents from family or friends? But how does this work for larger investments? Borrowing money from private individuals is now also possible via online portals on the Internet.

This gives you the opportunity to finance your own project independently of banks or other credit institutions. Unlike banks, the personal project and the human being are in the foreground here.

  • Borrowing money from private people is becoming ever more popular
  • Online platforms on the Internet make larger investments possible with personal loans
  • The personal project and the human being are in the foreground (bulletpoints in the text field with a gray background) 

Trucredit and Centiloan, it is easy and straightforward to apply for a personal loan. In contrast to conventional loans, the conditions for personal loans are individual and freely negotiable.

The lenders are private investors who are interested in more than just the facts of the loan seeker. For private investors, it is important to know which project they invest in and which life situation the borrower is in.

Since a loan project usually involves multiple investors, the likelihood that the consumer gets a loan is much higher than that of a bank. Investors share the risk of default. As a result, credit seekers with a low credit rating have a chance of a loan.

Centiloan can apply for this personal loan. The online portal brings together private investors and private borrowers. With this alternative financing, banks are completely excluded.

Through the personal presentation of the loan project and the close contact between the two parties, peer-to-peer credit is a real alternative to the traditional loans given by banks, which usually only care about facts and figures.

With private loans, people also have the opportunity to get a loan without Credit bureau and low credit ratings, for example when they are in a real financial emergency. 

With the credit comparison of Centiloan you can find the best credit without proof of income.

With the credit comparison of Centiloan you can find the best credit without proof of income.

Centiloan recommends that consumers choose a shorter term and a higher monthly installment for a personal loan, as interest payments are correspondingly higher for a longer term. Thus, loans from private with a low maturity from just 0.99% APR are possible.

In addition, the creditworthiness of the borrower also influences the interest rate. Since larger time horizons restrict the private investor’s market forecast, shorter maturities are desired.

For private loans, a term of at least 6 months is typical, which, for example for car financing, can also go into the medium-term range. If private borrowers provide another borrower, this can make the loan generally cheaper. This too is a peculiarity of the online personal loan on Centiloan.

Private credit is currently becoming increasingly popular. On the two platforms Trucredit and Centiloan it is easy and uncomplicated to get a personal loan. The loan amount is provided by private investors.

Thus, a loan is possible even without Credit bureau and with a low credit rating, as in a private loan, the own loan project and the life situation of the borrower in the foreground. In most cases, personal loans are cheaper than traditional installment loans from banks or other banks.