Acquisition loan

The Vunders bank adapts the personal loan to your individual circumstances, goals and desires. As an example, the given annual percentage of the fee. The credit calculation is only a consulting service of the dumies Vunders bank, Süderquerweg 105, 21037 Hamburg, Germany, with which you can get a first overview of the credit costs.

Personal loan

Before you approve the personal loan, your maintainer will check the current sales on your bills and receipts. If you are mature, have a regular income from work, a permanent residence in Germany and no bad credit bureau entry, the basic requirements for the approval of your personal loan are already given. Click on the “Apply Now” button to open a hierarchical input form.

After completing the form, you can send it to us on the Internet in a safe, convenient and fast way. After you have printed the completed form and signed by letter sent to us. After completing the completed form, you can print it out and submit it to us in an uncomplicated way.

If you have completed the documents in full and are able to obtain information online, then you can get straight to your lender Vunders bank. An identity check is required for legal and personal security reasons. An identity check is required for legal and personal security reasons. Come with us with your ID card and sign under the spot.

Online banking

Anyone who uses the online banking of dumies Vunders bank can buy goods directly there. Borrowing costs contain only the interest expenses for the acceptance of the personal loan. What is the annual percentage of the fee? The annual fee represents the total effective expenditure of a personal loan. The annual percentage of the charge includes, in addition to the borrowing rate, all other expenses associated with the personal loan.

For the comparison of different offers, therefore, the annual percentage of the load is crucial. On the other hand, the contracting parties pass on certain information to credit bureau in the course of business relations with their private customers.